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Hi, I’m Jaime

I’m a functional health & wellness consultant based out of beautiful Pender Island, B.C. I’ve always been interested in learning about how we can live consciously and in alignment with our true selves and purpose. Helping others has always been a part of who I am and over the last 20 years, I’ve been on a journey of continued education, training, and experience in the wellness space.

I grew up on the west coast of British Columbia. I’m a mom (and fur mom), and enjoy yoga, trail running, music, and creative arts. I love getting in touch with the earth through exploring the coastlines and our oceans, traveling, and learning about foraging for wild plants. Health and wellness is my deepest passion, and I delight in using various branches of energy medicine to elevate the wellbeing of myself and others.

I’ve worked in the health industry for two decades, currently for the Provincial Health Service Authority. I was a paramedic for 10 years, and have been involved in the health sector in a range of locations - from towns along the Sunshine Coast and the Sea-to-Sky Corridor to Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, as well as in Australia. Throughout my experience, I have gained a deep understanding of the inner workings of the healthcare systems both in Canada and internationally.

But in 2017, something happened to me. I was involved in a workplace accident, and sustained several injuries to my back, shoulder and neck. This put me on the other side of the table: all of a sudden, I was the patient. This challenging experience gave me first hand exposure to the many issues affecting the Canadian healthcare system.

I found my recovery to be long and deeply frustrating. For many people, including myself, wellness is an uncertain and up and down road. My own injuries and path back to health made me realize that we need more options than those that are currently available. It took time and patience, but I successfully reclaimed my own health (although I continue to work on it every day). Now, my wish is to share this more informed approach with you.

I strongly believe that taking care of your health requires serious commitment and a deep dive to identify the root of the problem. It’s a difficult journey, but support and help should be readily available to anyone who needs it. My intention is to make sure that you never feel lost and alone, but empowered about your health moving forward.

The body is profoundly intelligent and has an amazing ability to heal itself naturally when free from interference and toxicity. I’m here to help you discover the tools, food and lifestyle choices that will help you unleash your inner potential for wellness and move towards lifelong balance and sustainability.

Functional Health Coaching & Consulting

We could all use a little bit of help & guidance when it comes to our health. Taking care of yourself is more than just eating whole foods and exercising, its a life style of many influencing factors that come together to create a full life.

As a certified health coach, I take people from where they are to where they want to be in their health. Based on the feedback they provide and about what feels good & right to them about food and other healthy changes. This is done in a low stress way so that the changes they make are sustainable for life.

If you're looking for an overall review of your health, I offer personalized 1 on 1 sessions that are customizable to you and the timeline of your choice.

I know how challenging it can be to navigate through the many road blocks and overwhelm when it comes to sourcing answers to your health. Please contact me for further info about my fees & services tailored for you. I offer a free 15 min phone session to briefly discuss some of the issues you might be facing and how I can help!

The Power Of Giving Back.
1% of Sales goes to helping keep our beaches + oceans clean here on the west coast!

Bio Resonance

What is Bioresonance?
All matter has a resonant frequency and every cell in the body resonates at a particular frequency. This takes the form of an electromagnetic field and groups of cells in an organ or system have multiple frequency patterns which are unique. Hence, the whole body has a complex frequency make-up which can change or become distorted when affected by toxins, electromagnetic pollution (eSmog), geopathic stress, viruses, bacteria, parasites etc.

Cells are controlled by electromagnetic fields. Therefore it is possible to introduce healthy frequencies to re-balance the whole body and provide an environment where the body corrects itself.

What is Bioresonance Therapy (BRT)?
BRT is a non-invasive holistic practice based on modern biophysics. BRT deals with the (often) hidden causes of disease and poor health by assessing and then normalizing energetic imbalances at the cellular level. Any toxic substances in the body such as infections, chemicals and heavy metals alter the body's normal pattern and the body overtime begins to adapt to the new frequency, causing illness or other disorders. The whole depends on its parts.

How can Bioresonance Therapy help?
Bioresonance enhances the body's own regulation and helps detoxification. The body needs to detoxify itself of accumulated waste in order to allow nutrients to be delivered at the cellular level. A good example of this is imagining a spinning wheel. At a certain speed it will remain clean due to air friction, ie a healthy vibrating cell. If it slows down, dust will tend to accumulate on it. If it is slowed down long enough, it will become covered with a thick layer of dust. If the wheel regains its normal speed, the dust is blown off and the wheel becomes clean again. Using Bioresonance helps to correct energy patterns allowing the body to return to its natural healthy state & strengthening any weakness and boosting the body's natural immune system.

What conditions can BRT helps with?
-Acute + Chronic + degenerative conditions, auto immune.
-Pain Management
-Stress (physical & mental)
-Dental Health
-Cardiac + Circulation
-Energy including Chakra + Acupuncture Meridians
-Eye Health
-Mens & women health
-Detoxification ( enviromental- molds, toxins, heavy metals,)
-Nutritional analysis + testing of supplements + medications for efficacy with the body.

And more!

Is BRT Safe?
Yes! It's natural and Rayonex, the producer of my BRT machine has had zero side effects reported over their 35+ year history. Even though a machine is being utilized the type of frequency wave that is being transmitted is a sinusoidal one, which are the waves naturally occurring in nature.

What will I feel during a treatment?
BRT is completely painless and non-invasive and no electricity enters the body from this device. Trained in Germany and certified as a BioResonance Practitioner, I will be using a 4 lead similar to an ECG to performer over 200 different frequencies on the body. This acts as an internal diagnostic aid which (and this is the best part!) is customized for you!

During the session some people feel a slight warmth, buzzing or tingling in their hands or feet. Others feel relaxed and a sense of calm (and even fall asleep), or the opposite and feel alert & energized. Or it's possible you will feel no sensation during the treatment but start to notice a shift in your health either that night with an incredible sleep and in the days to come.

What happens next?
As your body responds to the therapy, it will start to change and may require different programs the following session to help progress & release further. I will monitor & change the programs to suit your body so that you get the most out of each session.

The length of time it will take will depend on the condition, the number of conditions being treated and other factors such as if it's an acute or chronic condition. The aim is to help the body’s own environment achieve its natural balance. This is a cause based therapy and many clients see improvement in three to five treatments.
In between sessions I can send you home with (free) mini treatments to help you advance further with the therapeutic aim to bring the body to a state of wellness.

Additional Resources

Bio Resonance can also help your pets (especially dogs, cats + horses) & is implemented around the world into Veterinary Care!

Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is a technique using compression that is applied to specific neuro-points or reflexes that relate to specific areas within the body, which when stimulated, commonly proves to help in restoring relative normalcy in bodily function.

Reflexology can help with the following:
-promotes relaxation, relieves tension & stress
-increases oxygen flow from the lungs & in general improves blood flow/supply
-helps unblock congestion by elimination of waste products & fluids in the body
-improves digestion & digestive system perfomance
-stimulates lymphatic system activity
-supports immune health
-helps relieve pain
-has balancing effect on hormone production
-balancing effect on mind, body & spirit
-naturally helps to achieve homeostasis

Fun Fact-Reflexology dates back over 5,500 years ago to ancient Egypt.

I am certified as a Reflexologist and sessions are 60 mins and include an initial intake form and brief assessment before the treatment plus an ongoing session record for further appointments. I also like to use aromatherapy (optional) with essential oil blends to further enhance your experience.

Please note reflexology is safe for everyone but the following: Current thrombosis, phlebitis, a first term, unstable or high risk pregnancy, unstable BP, internal bleeding, lymphatic cancers, recent heart attack or organ transplant, current foot trauma, acute infection or fever, or known aneurysm.

I'd love to connect!

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I'm also available for a free 15 minute discovery call to answer any questions you might have & to see if we're a good fit to work together. I take great pride in establishing comfortable connections and value both parties time in reaching goals.

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My Contact information:
Email- thewildwellness@gmail.com

I live on beautiful Pender Island and conduct sessions from my home, virtually or onsite. I'm available in the Vancouver area as my schedule allows.

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